– Win $5 Off – Winn Dixie Survey – Tell Winn-Dixie company is very famous to maintain their quality of products and services for many years. – Win $5 Off – Winn Dixie Survey

The company conducts a customer survey to gather the feedback from the customers about their visiting experience with Winn-Dixie store.

And the company is offering an opportunity for the customers for winning $5 coupon by taking part in the survey.

Tell Winn Dixie is such an online survey held by Winn Dixie supermarket that has a goal to enhance the quality of the services and products.

Winn Dixie Survey at the survey will work for all Winn Dixie customers and we can finish it in less than ten minutes

Entry period of Winn Dixie survey

Winn Dixie survey period is open in the entire year of 2019. Yes, we can take the survey anytime and for the WinnDixie sweepstakes, we can start it between January 1st 2019 and December 31st 2019.

For the best tips, we can take the survey and sweepstakes many times. for instance, we may take them every month, or even every week.

The goal is of course to increase the possibility to be the Winn Dixie winners for $450 gift card.

What to Prepare for Tell Winn Dixie Survey

Before we take the survey, it is a must to know the Winn Dixie survey rules as well as the things we should prepare. First, here are the preparations we need to take. They are:

First, it is a must to own a recent Winn Dixie receipt that we will use for entering the survey as it has Winn Dixie entry code

Second, we will need a device that can connect us to the official website.

Of course, we will have to get a stable internet connection for our device

The last, it is necessary to be able to understand English or maybe Spanish as the Winn Dixie survey only provides these two languages.

Pre-requisites for the survey

  1. The customer should be 21 years old or more and the customer should be the resident of the United States.
  2. Need the electronic device like as a laptop, computer, mobile, or tablet with better internet access.
  3. customer of winn dixie should have the recent purchase receipt of the store of Winn-Dixie.
  4. Any past employee or staff of the company are not allowed to enter in the survey.
  5. The winner of the survey will get a chance to win $5 coupon.

Trouble shoot at the time of the survey

Once there are anyissues , at First, check the internet connection, the link address which customer have typed along with the browser setting after that check for browser setting and find JavaScript.

If still there are problem then recheck the Winn Dixie survey entry code whether it is correct or not. It is better to check three times as it has 18 digits and somehow you input it wrong.

There will be no longer problems. But, if you still find some difficulties, you should not hesitate to contact the customer care service of Winn Dixie.


Go to take the Winn Dixie survey now as well as its sweepstakes. Enjoy our best experience in shopping and get the awesome prizes.

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