– Win $,5000 – Kroger Feedback Survey – KrogerFeedback Survey allows loyal Kroger Feedback customers to participate in a customer satisfaction survey and will be given chance to win a prize of up to USD 5000. – Win $,5000 – Kroger Feedback Survey

The official survey website is, where users can take part.  

Kroger examines the feedback, assesses it, and takes the necessary steps to ensure a better customer experience on your next visit. If you are a regular Kroger customer, you may enter the Kroger Feedback contest at and win some fantastic prizes.

Questions from all Kroger locations are included in these surveys, whether it’s related to the food from the city market, the pharmacy, or Ralph’s.

Kroger considers every comment submitted through the KrogerFeedback Survey and, if necessary, makes changes to its services.

The Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey is easy to complete and you can earn some valuable deals. The staff’s conduct, the quality of the cuisine, and the freshness of the products utilized are all included in the survey form.

All of this occurs without disclosing the customer’s identify. Kroger Feedback is one of the most effective websites for quickly improving service quality, labor efficiency, and performance.

How to take Kroger Kroger Feedback Survey

Visit to the official website of Kroger i.e., Now select the language in which you would like to participate in this online survey. 

Along with the date of your visit and time of your visit, enter the Kroger code present on your receipt. On the Kroger receipt, these facts will be stamped. 

You’ll now be sent to the Kroger Feedback survey page. Complete the survey questionnaire by answering all of the questions. Questions here will be based on your most recent Kroger Store visit.

Kroger Feedback Survey Benefits and Rewards

After completing the Kroger’ online survey, you’ll get an amazing chance to win $5,000 or one of the $100 gift cards.


  • A purchase will have nothing to do with your chances of winning.
  • Per survey, only one individual is rewarded.
  • Within 7 days of receiving your purchase receipt, you must complete the Kroger Feedback Survey. You are no longer eligible to participate in the survey after 7 days.
  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Only 50 gallons of Kroger gasoline are allowed. If you are a Kroger employee or a family member of a Kroger employee, you are not eligible to participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey.
  • The main prize will be awarded to just the top 100 lucky winners.
  • Illegal creatures are not permitted.

About Kroger Feedback Survey

Bernard Kroger created the Kroger Company in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1883. Kroger is currently the largest grocery chain in the United States by revenue and the country’s second largest retail chain store behind Walmart.

It is the 18th largest firm in the United States and the world’s third largest retailer. In addition, the corporation is the third largest private employer in the United States.

The corporation works through its subsidiaries as well as its more than 2,770 supermarkets, hypermarkets, department shops, and superstores.

It also owns 325 jewelry stores, 2,120 pharmacies, 1,360 gas stations, and a number of food production facilities in the United States.


Kroger was the first supermarket retailer in the United States to test electronic scanners and establish customer research in the 1970s.

Today, the corporation is continually working to maintain its position as America’s most preferred grocery store and retailer.

This is why, over the years, it has worked to encourage customers to participate in customer satisfaction surveys, such as the KrogerFeedback customer survey.

The information gathered is used to improve the products, services, and overall customer experience. FAQ’s

  • What are the requirements for participating in the Kroger Feedback Survey?

Answer– All Kroger customers are invited to participate in the Kroger Feedback Survey. You must be a Kroger customer to take part in the Kroger Feedback Survey. You’ll also need a store receipt.

  • What criteria are used to choose KrogerFeedback winners?

Answer- You’ve finished the survey when you’ve answered all of the questions correctly. The lucky winner of the same is then chosen at random by the administration. The winners are usually revealed on the tenth of each month.

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